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November 2017
Cambodia Map
Cambodia, a country bordered by Thailand in the west, Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east, was once the mightiest kingdom in South East Asia. The world heritage site Angkor Wat is still a silent wittiness of that era (802-1471 AD).France For almost a decade the country became protected by the French in...
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Student Donation - Singapore Group
Warm greetings from Charity Tours (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd Our pleasure to introduce our organization Charity Tours Cambodia Co.,Ltd is a unique  tour operator services which head office base in Siem Reap, Angkor of Cambodia, well known as one of the most visited & tourist destination around the world and it’s is considered to be #7 on the...
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Victory Gate of Angkor Thom
Angkor Thom is undeniably an expression of the highest genius. It is, in three dimensions and on a scale worthy of an entire nation, the materialization of Buddhist cosmology, representing ideas that only great painters would dare to portray. BACKGROUND Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer Empire, was a fortified cit enclosing residences...
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Monk at Ta Prohm Temple
Location: 1 km east of Angkor Thom Construction: Mid 12th – Early 13th century C.E. Religion: Buddhist Built by: King Jayavarman VII Style: Bayon Best Time to Visit: Early morning, when it is not as crowded Ta Prohm Temple is a very popular feature of the typical Angkor tour because it is the only major...
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