Volunteer to make a difference, experience bringing joy and enjoy a new experience.

Charity Tours Cambodia is a social business where volunteers can build hopes for our vulnerable and poor people in rural Cambodia.

We welcome global volunteers from all over the world. There are many ways to become involved in one of our Charity Programs. Tourists and volunteers can help us both in long term or short term programs. You can come with a team or alone, it doesn’t matter because we have a program for you. Even when you’re not here, you still can make a difference.

For tourists

English Center of CTC at rural ofAngkor Chum

English Center of CTC at  of Angkor Chum

Our Charity Tours are specially designed if you only have one or two days in your traveling schedule but like to make a contribution as well. Think of visiting a poor family to deliver a bag of rice, a school visit to teach children about hygiene,  planting a tree for a poor family in combination with sunset at Angkor Wat.

Short term volunteers


Thanks messages after school painting finished

Thanks messages after school painting

Short term volunteers can join our health care program ,education program , nutrition program or our build and repair program . Depending on your skills and the time you have available we can also combine those programs to make your contribution even more worthwhile.

Long term volunteers

Mr. Zoran Jage Training foodball teams in ponro village

Zoran Jage with Children in ponro village

When you’re planning to stay for a longer period, we have special programs for you. Our educational program is one of those programs where we require long term volunteers. This is not only for English teachers but trainers in any specific area are welcome. Taking part in our community development program is something you also can do as a long term volunteer.

English class of CTC at rural Ponro village

Free English class of CTC

Volunteer teams

Volunteer teams can join our community development program to build toilets, water wells, solar systems and water filters. Our build and repair program also requires a team of volunteers. You’re a team of medical specialists, teachers or with any other skills we didn’t mention? Explore our website or ask us what you can do. Everyone can take part in one of our programs or tours.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Cambodia, especially Angkor Wat, and going beyond the tourist sites by making a meaningful contribution to society?

Have you ever thought about dedicating your professional knowledge and skills to help end poverty?

Do you want to wake up and know that by the day’s end you will have made a difference?

If you answered YES! to any of the above questions: Welcome to Charity Tours Cambodia!

Since its inception, Charity Tours Cambodia has relied on the commitment, spirit and expertise of volunteers around the world to reach its mission.

Not in Cambodia but want to help?

Even when you’re not in Cambodia, you can volunteer with us. Our fundraising program is designed for people around the world who don’t have the ability to visit us but who want to support us anyway. If you like what we do than this program is for you.

We believe everyone has his or her special talent and there’s always a way you can help us in our mission: to fight poverty and social ignorance through eco-tourism!