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Spiritual cleaning at the pagoda


Blessing by Buddhist monk with holy waters

Blessing by Buddhist monk with holy waters

We are leading you in learning more about Cambodian culture and religion, we would be happy to take you to a local pagoda to explore and experience a sacred traditional water blessing and talk with the monks. We can visit Svay Romeat pagoda, located 7km west of Angkor Wat temple and the south-east bank of west baray built during the reign of king Suryavarman I and was finished later under the king Udayadityavarman II and it’s considered by local Cambodian as holy pagoda for praying and water blessing.

Wear thread bracelets to protect from evil spirits & misfortunes

Wear thread bracelets to protect from evil

Most of Cambodian people who worship Buddhism and Hinduism have the strong belief that these blessings are thought to bring luck, safe travel, prosperity and happiness for everyone that will make for a unique Cambodian experience.

Visitors should bring long skirt (sarong) while they are being blessed by a Buddhist monk. You will be completely soaked by the holy waters, and will then change back into your own clothes!



* What’s included?

- Transportation

- Tour guide

- Mineral water & cold tissue

- Dedicated materials and suffixes for monk

* What’s excluded?

- Other personal expenses & tips

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