Homestay Puok

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We work on behalf of association with village-homestay which set up in Puok-Chas village, Puok Commune, Puok District, Siem Reap to offer the tourists/volunteers with “an everlasting memory of a happy experience”.

We at Charity Tours Cambodia welcome you and hope that you’ll try your best to support us, and our work to help rural Cambodians who need help to improve their standard of living.Tourists visit vegetable farms Things to do:

Puok is a name of an area (district) of Siem Reap province, located west of Siem Reap city a long National: 6A road about 16 km. Pick up by Tuk-Tuk (a trailer and motorcycle) or taxi driver from your hotel or any destination transfer to villages. During the stay you could enjoy some of activities such as learn from the family how to cook Khmer traditional dish, feeding the piglets, helping the farmer to grow vegetables, fishing with farmer and so on.

When arriving in the village with one family and you are having breakfast, lunch and dinner with local family. While your stay, you can visit Angkor Silk Farm presents the grand tour of an 8-hectare site, to discover silk farming with specialized guides. Discover the various stages involved in silk production, from mulberry tree chards, to silkworm breeding, the spinning mill and the weaving process.

You also could take bikes to see other beautiful villages around. You could join community sport like valley ball, football or shuttlecock kicking as these sport are very common in Cambodian country side.

It’s very close to visit West Baray is a baray, or reservoir, at Angkor, Cambodia, oriented east-west and located just west of the walled city Angkor Thom. Rectangular in shape and measuring approximately 7.8 by 2.1 kilometers, the West Baray is the largest baray at Angkor. Its waters are contained by tall earthen dikes. In the center of the baray is the West Mebon, a Hindu temple built on an artificial island.

 woman weaves silk in villageFamily home facilities: staying on mats, mosquito net, bucker shower in shared bathroom, outdoor squad toilet, local homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner, fan and electricity.

Prepare yourself: Towels, mosquito sprays batteries for torches and chargers of mobile phones, camera, tablet and Mp3 also bring with.
Note: Other additional services or more information will be provided more as requirements.
Staying with us is helping us to fight against poverty!

Thank you!

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